The applications of machine learning range greatly, from spam filtering and predictive analysis to recommendation engines and fraud detection. Often times machines, utilizing neural networks, are used for computational tasks as they can perform these much faster and more accurately than humans.
A question to consider is how do they fair when performing an innately human task, such as grading children’s illustrations? This is exactly what our team set out to discover while working for the web application Story Squad.

The App

Story Squad, founded by former teacher Graig Peterson, was developed in order to encourage children to take a…

League of Legends(LoL) is a massively popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed by Riot Games. In LoL, players take control of unique “champions” with different abilities and traits and fight against another team of champions(5v5), minions, and monsters. The goal of LoL is to destroy the enemies “Nexus”, a structure nestled deep within the enemies base, guarded by towers and minions. The champions start off weak at level one, and gain experience and gold by killing minions and enemy champions. This increases their level and allows them to buy items that further increase their strength.

I myself…


As the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus spread across the world and impacted more and more lives, researchers, doctors, media, and lay-people alike have tried to learn about it. The understanding of its transmission, severity of symptoms and mortality rate have all be under scrutiny. I believe the most frequently asked question would be:

“how would COVID-19 affect my loved ones and I if we were to be infected?

and so arose the prevalence of the “at-risk population” in the conversation of how to handle this virus. The elderly, those with preexisting lung conditions, smokers, and the immune-comprised all…

Timothy Carroll

Lambda School Data Science (DS18) Student

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